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Bucket List Item Crossed Off!

It finally happened, you guys!

I received my first commission from OVERSEAS!

Norway, to be exact.

Me too, Chris Pratt, me too.

For me, personally, this is such a huge stepping stone. Especially as an artist trying to make a name for myself. I feel that now that my art has reached an audience outside of the US, this has the potential to bring more buyers and opportunities my way and I am SO excited to see what my future holds.


This buyer is not only commissioning this piece as a surprise gift for their partner, but the buyer is BLIND! (Their partner is fully sighted)

Why am I so excited about this detail?

Um, hellooo, because not only am I a part of the blind and visually impaired community myself, but they requested that I add Braille to the piece so that they too can experience my art!

And for anyone who knows me, I am completely #OBSESSED with Braille. I can talk your ear off about Braille all day.

The picture below is what I have done of the commission so far. It's a 16x20in canvas with #alcoholink as the medium.

They gave me full creative control, which I just LOVE whenever my buyers let me go ham with their pieces!

The vibrancy of these colors so far are just blowing my mind, I'll tell you what. (':

I still need to add the Braille and the fine gold details but...

keep an eye out and stay tuned for the Norway Commission update!

Thanks for reading (:

- Cecilia

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